Gazzaroo - Web Development


Know of a successful business without a website? Neither do we. A website is a powerful first impression. Having a professional looking website givescredibility to your website, creates a convenient channel of accessible
information for your clients and can significantly improve your business’s marketing strategy.

We tailor your website to give your clients all the information they are looking for. Not only can we develop a beautiful website that caters to your clients’ needs, but we offer analytical reports that proves how beneficial the website is to your business. Having analytical insights helps you understand the demographics of your customers and gives you information about user traffic and conversion. It is therefore an important aspect of modern marketing.

Gazzaroo - App & System Development


An invaluable tool for the modern business, apps increase the level of accessibility your customers have with your business. Since cellphones have practically become extensions of our bodies, apps give you the opportunity to have an instant connection with your clients.

At Gazzaroo, we develop the perfect apps to suit your business, featuring the ideal functionality for each mobile platform.

Gazzaroo - Social Media Management


According to Hubspot, 80% of marketers found that their social media marketing
efforts significantly increased traffic to their websites. That means that, despite how
daunting social media platforms can seem, every post is an opportunity to convert
potential customers.

Having a strong social media presence increases brand awareness and loyalty,
creates richer customer experiences, provides insight into customer opinions, intel
on competitors and generates higher converting leads with strategic and
targeted ads.

At Gazzaroo, we remain fluent with the rapidly changing world of social media,
staying on top of the best practices to make sure your company is maintaining
a professional appearance and taking advantage of every ‘like’ and ‘follow’
as much as possible.

Gazzaroo - Branding


Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. Branding
expresses the public personification of your business – what your business offers
potential clients, the values of the business and how it is different from all it’s
competitors. Strong branding can result in decades of success for your business.

Gazzaroo will define the distinctive identity of your company and develop your
brand strategy. We also will develop your visual identity, to create the best
impression of your business. Additionally, we will help you understand your market
in order to curate the most effective advertising campaigns possible.

Gazzaroo - Search Engine Optimisation


There are 40 000 searches every second, and 3,5 billion searches per day.
Search engine opitimisation makes sure your website becomes a top search result
for potential customers. Search engine optimisation maximises organic traffic
search engines to your website. When more people are directed to your website,
it increases the brand awareness and equity of your business. This means that the
potential for customer leads increases. Additionally, it targets people who are
already looking for what your business offers, so you won’t have to spend as much
money on advertising. Because people trust search engines like Google, search
engine optimisation builds trust and credibility of your brand and influences
purchasing decisions.

Gazzaroo offers you search engine optimisation strategies, so that your website
doesn’t get lost in the crowd.